19 June 2015


remember when i said that FRIENDS COFFEE HOUSE is probably my favorite café? i was completely wrong. let me tell you the story of "how i met La Bohème Café."

17 June 2015


hello everyone i just wanted to tell you that to write me a comment on my blog you don't need to be registered on google+ or anything else. ANYONE can post their comment on my articles. so feel free to tell me what you think, it would make my day.
thank you so so much.


do you ever just find yourself goofing around in the centre of Prague with no place to go? i do, or more like i used to. until i found this gold-mine. FRIENDS COFFEE HOUSE is exactly what i needed  for my i-have-to-study days. is it just me or you cannot concentrate at studying at home either? i always find something that keeps me away from studying. so in these situations i take my books and laptop and get myself to this coffee house. it's an awesome place where people can have a good coffee and study or just meet up and talk. the only thing i mind about FCH is that sometimes people are too noisy so you don't always get to focus wholly. but soon you'll get used to it.

i also often blog from there. for blogging is that place perfect. not too quiet nor too noisy.  i spend most of my afternoons during the school year there.

if you're a tourist in Prague it won't be hard for you to find it. it's just next to the Wenceslas Square where most tourist head to. so take the chance to visit that awesome place and get your lazy butt there. you won't regret it. more information on the web i linked below.

16 June 2015


if i could do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be travelling. it's one of the things i have forgotten to mention in my facts, probably because i don't actually like the fact that i like it. (wtf)
why? because most people i know like to travel and that kind of makes it mainstream ughhhh.  

anyway the thing is that i love travelling. generally exploring and discovering new things and since the day i get to know we're going somewhere new i can't stop the excitement inside of me. that's exactly what's going on right now. in our school there's a trip and there were chosen 10 people from the whole school to be a part of it. Guess who was one of them? ME!

so basically somehow it happened that in October me and my best friend will be sitting on a plane in Californian direction. i'm so happy. i always wanted to go somewhere far with no one but my friends and now it's actually gonna happen. 

plus this is not a normal school trip, it's one of those trips when it's just you and your favourite teachers on two trucks on a roadtrip across California. does it sound cool? to me it does and it wakes up the wave of excitement every time i think about it. 

i went to California once, in 2013, but this time it's with people that are my life. it's just perfect. 
If you're from California, or at least you know it there well, could you recommend some of your favorite places or activities we might try? 
thank you so much.

there's a picture of me on San Francisco's airport wearing a redicoulous hat that i was probably finfing very cool. i like the picture though. 

9 June 2015


🌵 let me tell you a story. once when me and Annie were in England we went to a store. there was ben & jerry's ice cream in the freezing thing and i was like "oh my god, Annie, do you see what i see?" *i meant the ice cream, of course* and i was like expecting her super happy reaction like she's gonna say "wow, let's buy it, yay." but guess what? she just put on that so-what look and was like "so what?"(lol)  you don't even know how much can these stupid things make me mad. after this i put on my f-you face and was like "nothing" and that was it. THE SULTRINESS. 


me and my best friends, we never fight. it's just those times when you say something and she says something and you like argument each other but you don't really fight it's just that sultry atmosphere between you. you feel it but cannot really prove it,  it's just like your emotions would be fighting each other in the mid-air somewhere between you... if that makes sense. (?) 🐴
these 'invisible fights' are even worse than fighting. because when you fight, you know that the other person is mad and so are you. and it's  clear. then you apologize and your friendship works again. 

not when you're like me. in this case you don't actually know. because usually it's like no one did nothing and it's just you and your best friend getting on each other's nerves. these 'invisible fights' are usually very short and what comes next is the sultry silence and you both looking everywhere but at each other. during the next whiles that come you have to say something that will somehow reconcile you and you'll both forget about it later but i have a new solution of this. keep reading. 🌚📖


in this moment in our 'invisible fight' i did the most unpredictable thing ever. i've experienced so many that i'm kind of used to them but in that moment *when she put on that so-what look* 
i just tried something new. which was completely against my grain (lol that sounds weird) i looked somewhere else and made the sultry atmosphere at first but then i just looked at her and with the nicest tone of my voice said "hey Ann, i'm sorry" i sounded so sad and maybe kind of desperate that we both started like laughing and then found out we were having exactly the same feelings. oh god, ever since i just say sorry. it's kind of hard sometimes, to throw away the stupid proud mask but it's definitely worth it. 
just try it sometimes. ha.
bye greta.

- do you have the same things with your friends or am i the only one? pls comment 💜

7 June 2015


WHOA! guess who's back. haha me. who else. lol. i'm so funny. ugh. okay. today's blogpost is about street dance. more like it's supposed to be about it it's just me who's not that good at writing articles so i get to it by a complicated way. umm. aha.

there we go. i dance street dance which for loads of you probably represents a group of people going to a dancehall to learn some stupid choreographies that don't even look good. well, in some senses it can be this. but not always. i dance for like...2 years and through the years i have changed my opinion about street dance like million times. sometimes i just want to quit and never come back to the studio but more often there are times i'm coming home, my legs dying almost not able to walk, and i just can't stop thinking about how awesome the training or the performance was.

okay, today's one of those days. i just came back from the performance we had and i can't stop smiling, honestly, i'm all stinky sitting at the computer (i can smell my feet that are on the ground btw) and i'm thinking. it's just like all the energy you give into it comes out in the form of success. that's one of the most wonderful things i have ever experienced. it's just like go, work on something half a year and then go and show all the other people how good you are. this is it. this is how i feel right now.

well, this topic is such a big thing to me i really need to tell you more. don't want to annoy you by long texts, though. this is the first part. i'll tell you more later, like...tomorrow? :)

thanks to all the people who have read this article.
i love you.
seriously, i do.
i give all my love to you right now.
like really i'm loving you, exactly you, reading this.
i'm serious, trust me.

5 June 2015

LA SARDINA - analog photos and their beauty

hello everyone!
i lost my phone like 3 months ago and since then i'm surviving outside of home just by being myself and being with people but that's kind of a different story. anyway, as long as I don't have it i don't have a camera to take pictures which seriously makes me sad sometimes. i love capturing things, moments or any other events that are important for my life and me. and there's not a better way than taking pictures. well i'm slowly getting to the point. i was going to England in May and i really wanted to have the trip documented. So i took my analog LA SARDINA cam i got for christmas like a year ago and discovered its awesomeness. here are some discoveries.

the thing about analog cameras is that you only see a approximate image of what will the photo look like. When pressing the shutter you can only imagine the final appearance of the photo while the result can be much different, isn't that cool? well, it is. but what's better is the moment when you're waiting in the photo lab or however you call it in English and you're like waiting for your photos to get printed. And you get them and you're like "hey, this one came out so well!" and you know. these things. anyway the other thing that comes with lomography is thinking. you actually have to think about the shot you're about to take. You spend so much time just looking through the viewfinder ruminating if that shot is worth it. It's not like pressing the iPhone shutter million times just because. It's like actually feeling the shot you're taking and considering its importance. Long story short lomography is good, you have there a very nice filter and the shots you take are always nice but comparing it to digital photos it's much more expensive because you have to pay for the film, its causing and for printing the photos. it's worth it though.

MOO /my own opinion/
i find analog cameras very cute. they're like so old school but those la sardine ones are actually pretty modern. you can get them on the internet when searching for 'LA SADRINA cam' or in your photo store. by the way, by using LA SARDINA or any other analog camera you can be a part of the tomography family where you can share your pictures and criticize the others.
happy lomographing! http://www.lomography.com

Tips for using LA SARDINA cam:
1) ALWAYS make sure you took off the cover. i often look through the viewfinder, like what i see and take the shot. i'm soo disappointed whenever i don't see the shot on the film later.
2) when going to the lab tell them you only want the good ones so you don't have to pay for useless black shots made by the situation i mentioned above
3) before taking the shot make sure the light is not too bright or too dark
4) take the camera everywhere you go with you so you'll be ready to capture everything you like

thanks for reading this until the end. please write me in the comments your analog experiences. thank you. Greta.

3 June 2015


Hello everyone!
i'm greta, the owner of this blog. and i wanted to write an article today about some super deep topic that would like inspire everyone or something. as you can see i basically have no idea what to write it about so instead i'll tell you something about me and ask you a question in the end. 
  • i live in Prague
  • i spend most of my time overthinking things someone has said to me that day
  • if you ask me if i have seen this or that movie there'se 95% probability that i have not
  • i hate mainstream
  • i can communicate with my cat ~ sometimes ~
  • i suck at math and chemistry
  • i love spending time with people, though i'm usually alone
  • i dance street dance
  • i love being asked questions & to ask them too
  • i don't have a phone
so there you have few facts about me so you can at least imagine who i am and what i do. in the end of this short article i want to ask you one thing. when it gets to questions and someone asks me about my favorite artist i NEVER know what to say, it changes almost overnight. usually it's the last artist i listened to that week or day. so here's my current artist list. i guess it' will much different next week or even sooner. please write YOUR artist list to the comments below so i can get to know what you guys like and let me know if i'm not the only weirdo who's sense of music changes this often. thank you so much. 
  • Oh Wonder /current fav song/ Technicolor beat
  • Troye Sivan /current fav song/ Touch
  • Fall Out Boy /current fav song/Uma Turman
  • All Time Low /current fav song/Kicking & Screaming
  • The Workday Release /current fav song/ Waiting for You