3 June 2015


Hello everyone!
i'm greta, the owner of this blog. and i wanted to write an article today about some super deep topic that would like inspire everyone or something. as you can see i basically have no idea what to write it about so instead i'll tell you something about me and ask you a question in the end. 
  • i live in Prague
  • i spend most of my time overthinking things someone has said to me that day
  • if you ask me if i have seen this or that movie there'se 95% probability that i have not
  • i hate mainstream
  • i can communicate with my cat ~ sometimes ~
  • i suck at math and chemistry
  • i love spending time with people, though i'm usually alone
  • i dance street dance
  • i love being asked questions & to ask them too
  • i don't have a phone
so there you have few facts about me so you can at least imagine who i am and what i do. in the end of this short article i want to ask you one thing. when it gets to questions and someone asks me about my favorite artist i NEVER know what to say, it changes almost overnight. usually it's the last artist i listened to that week or day. so here's my current artist list. i guess it' will much different next week or even sooner. please write YOUR artist list to the comments below so i can get to know what you guys like and let me know if i'm not the only weirdo who's sense of music changes this often. thank you so much. 
  • Oh Wonder /current fav song/ Technicolor beat
  • Troye Sivan /current fav song/ Touch
  • Fall Out Boy /current fav song/Uma Turman
  • All Time Low /current fav song/Kicking & Screaming
  • The Workday Release /current fav song/ Waiting for You