16 June 2015


if i could do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be travelling. it's one of the things i have forgotten to mention in my facts, probably because i don't actually like the fact that i like it. (wtf)
why? because most people i know like to travel and that kind of makes it mainstream ughhhh.  

anyway the thing is that i love travelling. generally exploring and discovering new things and since the day i get to know we're going somewhere new i can't stop the excitement inside of me. that's exactly what's going on right now. in our school there's a trip and there were chosen 10 people from the whole school to be a part of it. Guess who was one of them? ME!

so basically somehow it happened that in October me and my best friend will be sitting on a plane in Californian direction. i'm so happy. i always wanted to go somewhere far with no one but my friends and now it's actually gonna happen. 

plus this is not a normal school trip, it's one of those trips when it's just you and your favourite teachers on two trucks on a roadtrip across California. does it sound cool? to me it does and it wakes up the wave of excitement every time i think about it. 

i went to California once, in 2013, but this time it's with people that are my life. it's just perfect. 
If you're from California, or at least you know it there well, could you recommend some of your favorite places or activities we might try? 
thank you so much.

there's a picture of me on San Francisco's airport wearing a redicoulous hat that i was probably finfing very cool. i like the picture though.