17 June 2015


do you ever just find yourself goofing around in the centre of Prague with no place to go? i do, or more like i used to. until i found this gold-mine. FRIENDS COFFEE HOUSE is exactly what i needed  for my i-have-to-study days. is it just me or you cannot concentrate at studying at home either? i always find something that keeps me away from studying. so in these situations i take my books and laptop and get myself to this coffee house. it's an awesome place where people can have a good coffee and study or just meet up and talk. the only thing i mind about FCH is that sometimes people are too noisy so you don't always get to focus wholly. but soon you'll get used to it.

i also often blog from there. for blogging is that place perfect. not too quiet nor too noisy.  i spend most of my afternoons during the school year there.

if you're a tourist in Prague it won't be hard for you to find it. it's just next to the Wenceslas Square where most tourist head to. so take the chance to visit that awesome place and get your lazy butt there. you won't regret it. more information on the web i linked below.