19 June 2015


remember when i said that FRIENDS COFFEE HOUSE is probably my favorite café? i was completely wrong. let me tell you the story of "how i met La Bohème Café."

...well there's a period event i didn't know about in my school. it's called the "English Coffee." it's every Tuesday during the school year and it was made  for the people who just wanted to have a coffee or study, make homework or have a talk. the idea of that is completely AWESOME. Students who don't know each other and don't have the same age meet up and have a coffee together. It's run by a girl called Amy. And her exactly had showed me the miracle. La Bohème Café. last week was the very last English Coffee of the year so Amy decided to plan a breakfast in some coffee shop where we all will just meet and have our coffees together. what happened next was incredibly overwhelming to me...

this café had taken my breath away. it's all glazed so you can even see inside from the street. there are teas (HARNEY & SONS which is ma favorite btw) on the shelves in the café and the style of it is like based on really ordinary things but together it makes a perfect environment for a café. maybe was my point of view distorted a bit by the friends i was there with. they made the atmosphere totally unforgettable. i got a latté and it was surprisingly quiet cheap and also VERY GOOD. one of the bests i've ever had. /again conceding the distortion of the friends atmosphere/ haha. 

if you live in the centre of Prague just go and visit this awesome little place, i can guarantee that you'll love it. seriously, instead of going anywhere else, go here. take a friend or two, a laptop or a book and go enjoy your coffee at La Bohème Café. 

if you don't have anyone to go there with just tell me. i'll go anytime. haha. please try it and tell me what do you think. :) -greta.