9 June 2015


🌵 let me tell you a story. once when me and Annie were in England we went to a store. there was ben & jerry's ice cream in the freezing thing and i was like "oh my god, Annie, do you see what i see?" *i meant the ice cream, of course* and i was like expecting her super happy reaction like she's gonna say "wow, let's buy it, yay." but guess what? she just put on that so-what look and was like "so what?"(lol)  you don't even know how much can these stupid things make me mad. after this i put on my f-you face and was like "nothing" and that was it. THE SULTRINESS. 


me and my best friends, we never fight. it's just those times when you say something and she says something and you like argument each other but you don't really fight it's just that sultry atmosphere between you. you feel it but cannot really prove it,  it's just like your emotions would be fighting each other in the mid-air somewhere between you... if that makes sense. (?) 🐴
these 'invisible fights' are even worse than fighting. because when you fight, you know that the other person is mad and so are you. and it's  clear. then you apologize and your friendship works again. 

not when you're like me. in this case you don't actually know. because usually it's like no one did nothing and it's just you and your best friend getting on each other's nerves. these 'invisible fights' are usually very short and what comes next is the sultry silence and you both looking everywhere but at each other. during the next whiles that come you have to say something that will somehow reconcile you and you'll both forget about it later but i have a new solution of this. keep reading. 🌚📖


in this moment in our 'invisible fight' i did the most unpredictable thing ever. i've experienced so many that i'm kind of used to them but in that moment *when she put on that so-what look* 
i just tried something new. which was completely against my grain (lol that sounds weird) i looked somewhere else and made the sultry atmosphere at first but then i just looked at her and with the nicest tone of my voice said "hey Ann, i'm sorry" i sounded so sad and maybe kind of desperate that we both started like laughing and then found out we were having exactly the same feelings. oh god, ever since i just say sorry. it's kind of hard sometimes, to throw away the stupid proud mask but it's definitely worth it. 
just try it sometimes. ha.
bye greta.

- do you have the same things with your friends or am i the only one? pls comment 💜