5 July 2015


hello everyone!
today i visited the street food festival in prague. the most awesome experience was that it was completely unexpected.
i took a summer job at some health organization that involves simulating some kind of an accident. there are students who study first aid and helping people in tension so you basically simulate you're somehow injured and they try help you. so that's where i was going today. the organization sent me the address and me and my best friend went there. when we arrived to that beautiful environment we were shocked. there were stalls. each with different food. the people there, mostly foreigners, were always nice and offered all they had. the weather was awfully hot. it was boiling. someone had a genius idea, though. there were little canisters full of water spreading it all over the visitors. so refreshing! STREET FOOD FESTIVAL is on an old train station but it looks totally wonderful and it is a perfect place to spend a summer day with your family and friends. we were inside of the old station building /it was cold there thankfully/ and we were showing people what to do when you find a person lying on the ground like what you should do before calling the ambulance ~ what a funny job.

the festival ends tomorrow so definitely go there and taste all the food you can! there are all kinds! like african food, steaks, burgers, typical japanese sushi (third picture), fruit, sweets, tacos, arabian food and even dog food.  [i don't think i even have to mention i left there my whole salary]
go visit the festival, you won't regret.