4 July 2015


hello guys,
i got home from a tenis camp yesterday. i play tennis for really long. i suck at it though.
now i have the familiar feeling that you get when you come back home from the camp you go to - you want to go back.  do you sometimes have it too? almost crying whenever you think of some memory you made there? and you're not being nice to your family because they're just not the right people you want to be with in the moment? i do. very much. 

so this time it was my eleventh time going there to that place. a beautiful place marked by memories and fun times i've lived there. it's that well known to me that coming there feels like coming home. do you have that feeling anywhere? when you go somewhere and you're 100% sure there's gonna be fun? you know every detail of the house you stay at because you always stay in the same room?

sometimes i feel like i have nothing. like my life is all messy and nonsense. but then... this has showed me i have a somewhere to come back to. and it's the prettiest feeling i've ever had.

if any of the people that have been there with me is reading this. thank you. giant thank you for making this week unforgettable and full of infinite laughter.

if you have something similar please tell me about it in the comments. i so want to hear from you about your experiences.

...i took these pics the last day. i so want to go back. the place is so beautiful.