17 August 2015


hey do you remember how in preschool you were suddenly friends with someone and you had no idea how it happened? like that weird kid you've been watching for some time is now playing with you with your toys and it doesn't seem strange to you at all? that's how a friendship is made. by spontaneity. or more how it used to be when i was in preschool. along with the time, as i'm growing up, moving out and changing schools i'm slowly running out of friends.
lol i don't really mean it the way you've probably just got it but i find this a funny thing to say. that i'm running out of friends. well it's not really true, is it? i have some friends, really a few, that i cannot run out of. which is a super satisfying feeling. but there are days i just feel incredibly alone like there's no one for me. and these are exactly the moments when i start to think about friendships and how fragile they are.

few weeks ago i got a job and i spent a lot of time in the office and when i say a lot of time i actually mean a lot of time. i literally sit there from nine to six every day. but that doesn't matter. the thing is i meet a lot of new people and i'm supposed to get on well with them. luckily the people here are super nice and they're all respecful and good. however i don't just want to live in the mutual symbiosis with them. i actually want to fit in and be a part of the team! so what i needed to do was to build a friendship. i cannot even say how lucky am i to have Alex here. Alex is one of my work mates and she's 25. she works as a production assistent. and we became some sort of friends or more just collegues. /yes, that's how you spell it/and since i started working here i find incredible joy in watching our relationship growing. i mean you know. it changes everytime you do something, even a tiny little thing and that brought me the idea of how fragile the thing /a relationship/ is.

wow this article is getting long, is anyone even reading this??

SO as I have maybe already mentioned somewhere i have a really fertile imagination. and i imagine a lot of things most of the time. so meanwhile building friendships i like to imagine different situations and what would happen if i did what i'm imagining. it's usually silly things that would bring only the awkward silence thereafter. but i keep doing it because...hey i actually don't know, i have nothing better to do, i guess. well the point is that things would be so much different if i did what i imagine. so the end of this is that we should all be very careful while building friendships because they're the most valuable things we have.
...except for food, and sleep, of course. 
lol okay THANK YOU for reading this article i hope you enjoyed it and hopefully see you next time!