31 August 2015


if you read my (brand new) 'about me' page you probably know that i would once like to work as a cashier to compliment people and make them smile
... because i honestly love to make people smile.
 it has always been incredible to me how can a tiny little things make your day so different. does that work for you too? when a cashier is nice to you?

in my case people around me are very affective to how i'm feeling. (i'm not saying that if you'll be mean to me i'll get sad and depressed, it doesn't work like that) but i often go to a store and i so hope the cashier will be nice. it makes me happy when people treat me well. in czech republic it doesn't happen very often. when people don't have to be nice, they are not. specially at post offices or city offices when you need to get done something quickly.  those women litteraly delight at being annoyed and making problems. but that's a kind of a different story.

two days ago i was having a very good day, i was walking from my office to the theatre, bringing them some contacts to sign. i was wearing my little marcel shoes, which are sandals that have that thing between thumb and the pointing finger, like flip-flops do. /hey do you name the fingers on feet too? [it just feels a bit weird calling that finger pointing finger when i barely ever pointed by it.] lol. anyway. i was wearing those sandals and the spot between those two fingers was really hurting me and so i put it between my pointing finger and my middle finger and that felt even worse and so i was trying to put it back between those fingers and i accidentally kicked it off my foot. and when i was putting it on again i was smiling at what a piece of shit i am that such a thing can make me smile. and there was a crowd of tourist nearby. they were all back turned except for one girl who was smiling at me beause she saw me smiling at myself (and i suppose she saw the whole awkward situation with the sandal) and so we both kept on walking and smiling at each other like crazy because we were realizing how stupid the whole thing actually was.

look, i realize this article is pretty shitty but i'm just telling you to smile more. i feel like this whole thing is kind of mainstream, even the word itself is. all those smile t-shirts. and facebook posts. let's face it; no one actually gives a shit. i don't smile when i see them. i bet you don't either. and i don't want you to smile now, because i didn't give you a reason for it. you don't have to smile all the time. let someone give you a reason for it. you don't need stupid t-shirts to tell you to smile, nonsense. you have people for that. let them make you smile. and they will let you too.

[btw. if you haven't read the (new) 'about me' page (first row) you can check it out here.]

stay awesome

these are the sandals /in case you didn't get what i meant/