15 August 2015


hello there!
i just wanna say a huge sorry for everyone who has visited my blog in the past month and hasn't found anything new. i wasn't posting and i was really busy. i'm about to change it now. i was a bit afraid that this is how my blog is gonna end. because that's exactly how my previous blogs ended. i just stopped posting and caring about them and then somehow they became odd and weren't nothing i just wanted to do. if that makes sense. ANYWAY this time i'll keep this blog and even though i'll maybe won't be posting regularly /because i have a job now and the school will start/ i promise you i'm not gonna mess up another time. haha.
~not actually funny~
but there's one good thing i'm gonna tell you today. you don't know it about me but it somehow happened that i like to write stories. it has actually began when i had to write an essay to school and it was supposed to be a story. but it's not the same now. i do it in my free time and i really enjoy that. so i warn you the next post is maybe gonna be one of my stories. 
see ya.