24 October 2015



this is like the most satisfying thing in the world. 
all of those drinks are in rows waiting for me to buy 

pebble beach with sofi

this is @elianka.a with a crab called Erbert

me and sofi once agaiiin


Hello everybody!
if you haven't read any of my articles or you're not following me on Instagram (@gretavbc) you may have missed the fact that I am currently in CALIFORNIA! we landed few days ago and went to see the golden bridge - I got an idea for a new blogpost (I guess it will be this week)  about photos. also I ate an american hamburger - and I have completely loved it. anyway. i haven't slept in the airplane and the journey was like 10 hours long so i felt very tired & jet lagged in the evening.  it's like that state when you cannot literally do anything else than to fall asleep.
 uhm so yes. we stayed two days in a motel in San Mateo and also visited San Francisco. we travel by a van here which is like super fun you know. we turn the music up very loud and all song and just enjoy the american atmosphere all around us. i'll be posting pictures here and on my Instagram too so of you want to stay tuned - follow my account. @gretavbc 


18 October 2015


i wanted to post something today. i have one article almost done...but it is still not ''it" so i'll edit it few more times and then post it. or maybe i'll just keep it. we'll see. the thing is that i'm flying to california in 3 days - so you can get yourself ready for californian blogposts and mainly photos! i downloaded the blogger app to my phone so i can be blogging from anywhere! how cool is that? hah. 

so since i am completely useless at posting weekly articles i'm bringing you a song today that has been stuck in my mind for the past week. hope you'll like it as much as i do and that you'll let it brighten up your start of the week! happy listening.

P. S. this song doesn't relate to me, neither i am trying to tell you something by posting it. it is just a song stuck in my mind.


9 October 2015


do you ever look at your life and feel like it is not 'it?' like this is not what your life should look like? like this is not what you should be feeling like every day. like you have nothing to brighten it up?
...well, i do. and sometimes it makes me sad. because let's face it. life is the biggest thing. the thing that lasts the whole time of our existence or maybe even longer (when you look at it from the deep point of view). and that's a freaking long time. you don't want to spend it sad, right?
so i'm coming up with a plan: how to make my life worth it. step number one is to find something that makes you happy. okay, i know this sounds like a super mainstream kind of thing. people are wearing t-shirts with those stupid 'do what you love' signs and they are writing it as discriptions to their profile photos and it is the oddest thing i could have said right now. but. it is true. you can never end up happy by doing things you don't do with passion. the love really must be there.

in fact, it is not that hard. you often say that you can't find anything you'd love and anything that would be your drive to life (lol that makes a rhyme - drive to life). but the thing is that it doesn't have to be anything epoch-making. me, i used to play tannis and dance and also i used go to ceramics class and play the piano, i was taking fashion classes and doing zumba but none of these things were things i would truly love. 
 so in time i found out what i love - people. 
their  reactions, opinions, thoughts and generally their acting and thinking, it is one of my favorite things to observ
...also i collect sweets wraps. so every time my friends eat something sweet they give me its wrapper. and that action makes me very happy (because it already contains two things i love - people and wrappers)
and i write. i write my blog and i write stories so i can have them published in a book. which is my goal. and that is step number two: you have to set a goal.

goal is a dream with a deadline. /one of my favorite people has told me this/...
set a goal you want to achieve by doing the thing you love. me? i want to keep on collecting those wrappers and then glue them all together and make something great and beautiful out of it. like a notebook with a 'sweets wrappers' cover or something...that would be cool, wouldn't it?

since you set a goal it is easy. work on it. it is not gonna be hard, don't to force it. let it be loved by you. and it will fill you with joy - you can never get annoyed of such a thing.

the main thing, that i can't believe i'm mentioning in the end is: DON'T STOP. never stop doing the thing you love. because when you stop, you are more likely to forget how much you love it. and how good does it make me feel. aka me not blogging for 2 months -it took me one paragraph of 'let's play a game' to remember how much i love it. i'm so happy i have you guys.

lol sorry i suck at drawing
keep reading and commenting!
it makes my days brighter.
thank you for reading,

7 October 2015


hey there!
it's been so long and i am very ashamed i didn't publish anything earlier, guys. but trust me, even though it doesn't look like it, i am constantly working on my blog. i have like 47 drafts - which are articles i always want to publish but then find a little detail that i don't like and decide they're not as good as i though and so i save them and keep them for later which basically means i'll probably never publish them. anyway. this one has actually been published. champaigne! as you can see nothing has changed since my last time writing - i take a long time talking about a completely different thing to the topic of the article. let's get started.

i have a friend. and we often hang out (because that's what friends do) and since we hang out i realized we don't actually speak too much when we're together. we go out, sit somewhere nice and we just both think. it is not that awkward silence that usually comes when you go out with someone you like (or that's what usually happens to me). it is that silence that you truly appreciate.
 sometimes people talk too much even when words are not needed. 

well, once while being silent we realized how ridiculous it is, that we're out with each other but we don't speak - so i came out with a game. it is an easy game which takes a lot of courage to play, though. do you ever think how much would things be different if we were saying exactly what we're thinking? that's what this game is about: you live your normal basic life and you're e. g. out with someone. and you both turn silent for a while. and that's where the game begins. all of a sudden you ask the other person what is he thinking about right now and he has to reply no matter how weird or twisted his thoughts just are. i guess i'm not probably the first one who came with this game but who cares, right?

i simply find it wonderful - the things people think about. no lies. there's always something going on your mind. even if it's the silliest things you HAVE TO say it. because that's what this game is about. don't be a wimp and say it frankly. we all have silly thoughts.

stay tuned & awesome