7 October 2015


hey there!
it's been so long and i am very ashamed i didn't publish anything earlier, guys. but trust me, even though it doesn't look like it, i am constantly working on my blog. i have like 47 drafts - which are articles i always want to publish but then find a little detail that i don't like and decide they're not as good as i though and so i save them and keep them for later which basically means i'll probably never publish them. anyway. this one has actually been published. champaigne! as you can see nothing has changed since my last time writing - i take a long time talking about a completely different thing to the topic of the article. let's get started.

i have a friend. and we often hang out (because that's what friends do) and since we hang out i realized we don't actually speak too much when we're together. we go out, sit somewhere nice and we just both think. it is not that awkward silence that usually comes when you go out with someone you like (or that's what usually happens to me). it is that silence that you truly appreciate.
 sometimes people talk too much even when words are not needed. 

well, once while being silent we realized how ridiculous it is, that we're out with each other but we don't speak - so i came out with a game. it is an easy game which takes a lot of courage to play, though. do you ever think how much would things be different if we were saying exactly what we're thinking? that's what this game is about: you live your normal basic life and you're e. g. out with someone. and you both turn silent for a while. and that's where the game begins. all of a sudden you ask the other person what is he thinking about right now and he has to reply no matter how weird or twisted his thoughts just are. i guess i'm not probably the first one who came with this game but who cares, right?

i simply find it wonderful - the things people think about. no lies. there's always something going on your mind. even if it's the silliest things you HAVE TO say it. because that's what this game is about. don't be a wimp and say it frankly. we all have silly thoughts.

stay tuned & awesome