18 October 2015


i wanted to post something today. i have one article almost done...but it is still not ''it" so i'll edit it few more times and then post it. or maybe i'll just keep it. we'll see. the thing is that i'm flying to california in 3 days - so you can get yourself ready for californian blogposts and mainly photos! i downloaded the blogger app to my phone so i can be blogging from anywhere! how cool is that? hah. 

so since i am completely useless at posting weekly articles i'm bringing you a song today that has been stuck in my mind for the past week. hope you'll like it as much as i do and that you'll let it brighten up your start of the week! happy listening.

P. S. this song doesn't relate to me, neither i am trying to tell you something by posting it. it is just a song stuck in my mind.