20 November 2015


autumn is awesome.
it really is and i love it, i love the leafs, the warm light, the trees changing colours.
i love the sound of walking through a park stepping on crunching leaves and the scrafs and coffees that keep you warm.
i basically love everything about autumn

 ...except for one thing.

6 November 2015


well, it's been 3 days since we arrived back to prague and i couldn't miss california any more. also, i left my camera there which makes me very sad. hope i'll get it back, though. anyway, why do i always start with the most useless things? ughum. the trip has changed my attitude, a lot. not that now i know that cheddar doritos are better than any other (that was a joke, laugh please) but in that sense of accepting and treating others. americans are so nice!

however this article is called speak. so let's speak. (lol joke #2)


how much time do you have to spend with a group of people to feel an urge to kill them?

-not even a week.

so i'm here in california and what i have been experiencing in the last two weeks is the thing i call "the submarine syndrome." you just cannot stand anyone who's been around you for some time. they are constantly playing on your nerves making you wanna kill yourself. well, i don't think there's a way to get rid of that thing or hey...actually there is.

why don't you just say it? 

well, of course you cannot just walk up to someone and say you hate them because they're weird or something. you have to somehow tenderly share your feelings and opinions with that person. there is always a way to figure it out without making them mad or ruining your relationship. it is in fact pretty easy. just say what you feel; say it honestly, nicely with a kind voice. (you don't want to make them angry, do you)

i appreciate that. i literally love when someone tells me their honest opinions, even if they're not like nice-to-hear. because hey, if i'm being extra annoying and you tell me and i'll shut up and we'll both be happier. you won't have to listen to me anymore and i will.. well, i won't embarass myself by being annoying.

i really enjoy telling people. i feel like they just deserve to know. whether they're being mean, boring or even when they're nice or cute. i tell them that too. yes, i just walk up to them and tell them that they are very nice, and that i appreciate it. people sometimes think it's weird. or that i'm doing it just to make them like me or something. NO. i just enjoy telling people how i feel about them.
i just do.

don't you want to try it too?