2 December 2015


hello you bunch of cuties,
how are you today? i am incredibly tired because i didnt sleep much in the past three days.
why? i was working on a school project which consisted me editing and cutting video of teachers of our school that i have shot before. such fun.

my art teacher asked me to do it and i took it - i didnt really have to do it but i wanted to be useful for once. and now when i'm sitting here on a couch totally annoyed and constantly falling asleep i kind of regret it. imma tell you the story.

i've been working on those videos for the last three nights and i even missed some of my classes because i was so tired i just couldn't make it to school. and when i finally did give it to my art teacher. he just thanked me absently, thinking about completely different things, took the flash drive with the videos and left to do some other work. i was standing there doubdfounfidly, realizing this is all i got for my sleepless nights. i mean i get that people have a lot of work, but i wouldn't mind being told that it's awesome that i did it. because let's be honest. nobody really seemed to want to help with it.

what is it that makes you do something you dont have to do? what gives you the motivation? it's the appreciaton of others.
don't you love the feeling when you work hard on something and people come to you and tell you how awesome it was? hey, you do. i know you do. that's what keeps you doing it.

if you worked hard on a presentation and you wouldn't get any feedback, would you still want to do it? would you go home and start working on another one? no. of course you wouldn't.
sometimes the problem with people is that even though they enjoy something you did they just won't tell you. but how are you supposed to know then???
people need to be appreciated. or more they need to know they are. appreciation is important but it is not enough. you have to tell the people. if you appreciate them. tell them. just tell them.