27 October 2016


a family roadtrip. 
a run. a walk; 
headphones on, the world off. 
just you and the beats. 
no thoughts, no speech.

18 August 2016


hello. first of all, sorry. i did not want this to happen and i hope there wont ever be such a huge pause again. but anyway - there's this post i want to share with you because i think music is something we all have inside of ourselves and it can make us say things words are not capable of. 

...so one of the first weeks of summer i went on a camp. it was a tennis camp (to bring you a closer description and explain: i'd played tennis since i was 5 and then gave it up because i was useless but i still go to the camps each year because i just adore their atmosphere). there is this bizzare combination of people of literally all ages with the thing that: it does not matter there. whether your 8 or 19 you can still fit in and have fun. so one of the first days where it is not that relaxed yet, there were people in our room (i don't know how this happens but somehow our room is every year one of the places people hang out at). and out of the blue my sister grabbed a guitar (are there to b's or just one?) ...and started playing. 

at first we had a little trouble figuring out where to sit so everyone can see the lyrics and we argued about which song to play but in a few minutes we've been all singing our lungs out, being incredibly happy. it is funny though how people you'd never imagined singing (since many of them are those sports people who dedicate their whole lives to whatever sport they love (im not one of them in case you'd think so)) actually do sing and have balls to do it even though they think they can't or they really can't.

the breaking point for me was when one of my friends i only get to see on camp looked me in the eyes-in the middle of one song and she kept looking for a while. it kind of felt like those colorful streams of ligh that like connect powers of poeple in cartoons or like the ones in 'my little pony' when they figure out how to bring rainbow back to the ponyville (no? nobody's seen that one?) and connect these light streams coming from each horse's horns and boom! it's done. well, this was basically the same thing, except for the light streams...and ponies...and all. but still it felt alike and it's been so fulfilling at that moment it still makes me excited even after two months. 

the look was fascinating. there were literally so many emotions in it. it was the combination of poeple and the music and the singing that made us both stare and share pure joy that appereaed in our eyes.  it was a completely unique experience and brought the most of us together so there was not that i-haven't-seen-you-for-a-year-but-lets-pretend-it's-still-the-same-and-that-i-have-something-to-talk-about barriere that comes on camps sometimes.

so what is the message?
...sing. go grab a guitar and sing. sing with your friends or family. sing with your pets even though they can't. ha. sing because it's great and it is able to create uniqueness of a moment nothing else can. go sing, just go.


btw this is what i was talking about when mentioning the look in the eyes. this is what it felt like. anybody who'd have comments to what movies i watch please keep them to yourself. i've grown up on this movie. (it's called my little pony:the runaway rainbow in case you were interested)

10 July 2016


what is happening : i am posting a recipe?

actually yes. this is something i've been drinking in these hot days which would otherwise be unsurvivable. and i gotta say i became kinda obssesed with it so i thought it might be a good thing to share. it is super tasty, easy to make and it doesn't even have any sugar in it, check it out.

you will need:
- green tea by your choice
- a lemon
- a cucumber
- elderberry syrup (not necessary)
- and water

first you have to make the tea: use whichever green tea you like. (did you know green tea is great for you metabolism and helps your body digest better?) put it in the fridge to cool it down.
next cut 2 or 3 slices of lemon and 3 or 4 slices of cucumber and put it in the glass you will drink from.
when your green tea is cool pour it in the glass with the lemon and cucumber (add elderberry syrup if you like it more sweet) and voila. you're done.

be sure to make a lot of the tea so you can refill the glass. when you keep the tea in the fridge it's usable even after two days.
i hope you'll find this tasty because i sure do.


1 July 2016


do you ever meet somebody on the streets and think like: ''that's such a coincidence!''
- here comes my theory; it is not a coincidence.

it is literally meant to be. just as all the other things that happen to you unepectedly. if you drop your phone in a toilet it might be a sign to stop risking so much and or to start something new. if you meet somebody you haven't seen in a long time on the street think of what he'd said to you because it might be something important for your life and could change loads.

well, the thing alone won't probably change anything. you dropping your phone could also be caused by the gravitation and because your fingers just sometimes get clumsy BUT if you think about it in this way: the little things we sometimes seem to let go or just not notice could lead to bigger changes that are maybe exactly the thing our lives had been waiting for.
coincidences just don't exist.

think about it.


5 June 2016


school. yeah, school si hard.
but it oughn't to be something to stress yourself out of completely and put yourself in danger because of, which is basically what happened to me few days ago, when i ended up in a hospital, let me tell you about it.

24 May 2016


there's this thing people are dealing with daily. especially, when summer's around the corner - us. our weight, appereance, bodies and generally - ourselves being (as we think) imperfect.

and there are two ways to cope with it:
1) start working out intensively - compensate the rest of the year when you were sitting it out and hope for the best while finishing the bar of chocolate you got because you just couldn't resist.

2) just don't give a shit.

14 May 2016


there is probably nothing more lame than being totally broke in this world where everybody else is suddenly so rich and can afford anything they want - except, maybe, for working at mcdonald's.

okay, yes. this is the first time i've ever said it this publicly. it kind of feels as a coming out plus it's the most ridiculous feeling making me laugh and cry at my life at the same moment. but the truth has been spoken - i really did work in mcdonald's and since this is a space for sharing my emotions & opinions with you, imma tell you all about it. it was actually a kind of experiment and something i wanted to try for a long time; everybody's been saying it's the worst thing, so i thought i might give it a try. i felt so embarassed didn't tell anybody except for my closest friends which also caused my heart beat picking up anytime i saw somebody i know walk in the 'restaurant.' this is the first part of the story. i'll see how you like it and eventually post some more about it. enjoy,

so it was that one night when i found myself sad and frustrated in the centre of prague. don't get me wrong, i love prague but i like to travel as well. travelling is something i cannot live without and since my parents don't want to pay for my travels anymore (which i get because they'd never see me again and they'd end up as broke as i was at the moment) i realized there has to be a way to make money myself, have school and travel, at the same time. so, at this moment of desperation, frustration and brokeness i searched for the job offers. since the first moment, when the mcdo guy invited me for an interview without asking for my cv or anything, i knew this is gonna be a dead end.


i made it in and a few weeks later, i was sitting on a bench, in a crew dressroom in the 'restaurant' basement with some other people dressed in mcdonald's uniforms, smelling like old fries and sweet-chilli sauce, waiting for my shift to start. the first one went fine, although i was anxious of all the new people, environments and the stress of working in the kitchen. things were fast. and if you weren't , you got yelled at. which sucked. plus: i learned that not even the time in physics lesson goes as slow as during your eight hours long shift. yes. eight hours long shift.


the next shifts went fine, people were even trying to be friendly ( if i leave out the times the older, more experinced employees would ignore me )  but even that was completely okay, until one day when they told me to go to the lobby. i thought it is a misunderstanding, that they made a typo in the scheadule and accidentaly wrote 'lobby' instead of 'kitchen' (very likely) but it was real. they looked at me with that why-are-you-so-startled-you-lil-piece-of-ass and sent me to the lobby. it was the actual hell. there were people, everywhere. and the probability of somebody i know coming and seeing me cleaning the toilets, or wiping tables increased. what i noticed, though, was that people don't look at you very much when you're in the uniform. they don't look you in the eyes and basically ignore you... if they don't know you. the mcdonald's i was working at was right in the city centre so my classmates, friends, family or anybody could have come any time. and they did, usually when i cleaning mess or slipping on spilled drinks.

if you liked this article, and wanted to know some more of my dreamy career that would have awaited me if i didn't quit, please share this post, write a comment, dm me, anything you want. but don't be passive standing back and just reading, i need your feedback to motivate me.


13 May 2016


after you finish to laugh your ass off and will be wondering what are these pictures about, what am i wearing or why am i oh-so-conviniently drinking out of a mcdonald' cup. check my tomorrow's blogpost where i finally explain why was i always so  busy in the afternoon and coming home so late. im failing so hard at life.



21 April 2016


this is what are you doing right now. reading these lines and spending time on the internet. maybe it is on your daily basis or maybe it is once in a while, i don't care.
the thing is that this is now, and you're reading my blogpost.

we're all waiting for something to come and happen. come on, this is not the real thing yet, is it? we have so much awaiting us and this is just the prelude. once it comes the life will finally be worth it.  school will be out, we'll be free, we just need to get over this, we'll be living it up, making unforgettable memories, meeting the right people. we'll be happy every day and you know, the sky will be blue, sun shining, friends happy.

no. this is just so fucking untrue.

look. we were given this thing. this thing people are fighting for daily, some are starving, some are daying of obesity, some are having depressions and even taking the gift away themselves.
the precious gift of life? come on. is this how you want it to be?

if you're waiting for a miracleous (pretty sure i spelled it wrong) if your waiting for a miraclous moment to come and make things better, your wasting your time. nothing like that is gonna come. you alone, have the one and only power to change your life and make it worth it. it is not that hard. don't complicate stuff. find something lovable in every day and just go live it.

no matter if you're on the beggining or at the end of your journey. go for it. go for stuff, if this is not the time to live, when is it gonna be? you'll get a job as soon as you finish school and you'll be probably even busier than you are now. what are you waiting for? santa claus to bring you a happy life? hell no. it is not happening! it is this simple: wanna talk to somebody? go talk to them. ask them what time it is, no matter how obvious it sounds. fuck what they think. go for it. experiment. talk to people, steal things, do a bit of what's illegal, whatever you want.
ask random people what do they think about shovels, dance naked, wear skirts, i don't care.

but if you want to do something right now, do it. do it until you are no longer able to.
this is your life. fucking live it.

and don't ever let anybody tell you what your life should look like, you are the one to design it.
the time is now.


12 March 2016


so there's a thing about me you maybe haven't known.
 - i don't have dreams

not those dreams you have about your life in future such as your dream job, house, partner and shit.
i'd even say i have too many of those.
but i don't have the dreams that come at night - i don't remember them.

i had to deal with it. i couldn't remember my dreams, and i didn't do anything about it. i just didn't have them... but once there was one of my classmates i've recetly made friends with (if you're reading this; hello) coming up to me and saying he tried lucid dreaming. ok, cool. i don't even have normal dreams are you gonna tell me about other exciting stuff i'm missing out? what even are lucid dreams? he explained it to me and it totally fascinated me. i went home that day and spent the whole afternoon researching it and watching tutorials.

for those who have no idea, this is what lucid dreaming is, in a nutshell:
lucid dreaming is dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming. your body's asleep but your brain's awake. you like wake up into a dream and have control over it so you can dream of anything and eveyrything your little heart desires. it feels so real it can get pretty risky. lucid-dreaming people often don't want to wake up anymore, they just want to sleep forever because their dreams are so much better than the reality.
so basically. when i was told this. i wanted it. but there's a problem. you cannot lucid dream when you don't even dream normally. if you have a similar problem, there is an easy hack i found out is working for me. when you're about to go to sleep, tell yourself you'll have a dream tonight. you will have a dream and you will remember it in the morning. yeah, just say it to yourself and believe me or not, your brain will do what you told it. the first time i tried this, i had two dreams. they weren't lucid but they were dreams. real dreams. it felt like christmas morning to me. 

so if you don't have dreams, don't give up on it. when you go to sleep, hack your brain and when you wake up in the morning only think about the dream you had. even if there's nothing's coming to your mind, don't give up and think of nothing but the dream. it will come to you and as soon as it does write it down with as many details as you can remember. i'd never say this is gonna work for me, but it does. since then, i tell my brain to have a dream almost every night and when i have it and write it down. my ability of remembering dreams gets better by doing this. i wasn't lucky enough to try lucid dreaming yet but as soon as i try, i'll tell you every single detail about it.

stay tuned,

this is an edit of me lucid dreaming if you were wondering what it is.

11 February 2016


i used to think it matters. i thought that the fancier clothes you wear and the prettier you will be the more people will want to talk to you and be friends with you and stuff.
absolutely not true.

i've been getting to know some new people recetly and...oh my gosh. we went on school ski trip to the mountains and i was usually just wearing an oversized hoodie with no makeup. you know i just got comfy and didn't give a shit about how i look and this is pretty unique. it doesn't often happen  to me. i mean when i look bad or i feel like i do, it brings my self-confience down and i don't even feel like talking to people and bothering them with my ugliness. but this changed my point of view and surprised me widely. people didn't even seem to notice how bad do i look and i made new friends and had tons of fun. yes. wearing no make up and a gray, knees-long levi's hoodie.

there are people in your life that are pretty and seem cool so you just wish you could be a little bit  like them. i guess we all do it sometimes, we see somebody attractive and we think of them as they'd be something more, like they had something we don't. the truth is they don't.

i don't know about you but i don't see the beauty in clothes, or face. (i'm not saying i've never fallen in love with a hot stranger i saw on subway or something) but i like more the beauty i see in eyes than the clothes people wear or the style the put so much effort in. it is not in the colour or the shape, size or whatever your eyes have. the beauty is in the spark that the eyes produce when a person is happy and open-hearted. the little spark that you see when they get an idea or the one appears when you compliment them.

(what even is this article, can i even write anymore?) 

long story short, if you ever feel really ugly don't let it bring your confidence down. because people won't stick to you if you're a stupid ass beauty queen. they will stay around if you'll be you and give them yourself instead of showing them the clothes you wear or the face you have. that's my experience. if you have any. please share. 

just before  you close this tab and start doing something else (other than reading this) go to the mirror and look at yourself. look deep in your eyes. not so deep. but look into them and see.

see the spark? (if you don't get closer and look once again) do you see it now?

and now?

i bet you do.

yours one and only,

23 January 2016


so hello!
my life's not as busy as i was last week so i am publishing this article on time (i will post every weekend) from now on. so recetly i've been thinking. (wow, seems like i think a lot bcs all my blogposts start like this, anyway) people. people are awesome. they are all nice and polite but sometimes, they only are so until you become friends with them. this is not.. well. let's try to explain it clearlier now. sorry my explanation skills suck.

if a person you've only see once and don't know very well wants to ask you the time, he will probably say ''y/n, do you know what time is it?'' and maybe he'll even add a polite smile or something som you check your phone and tell him it's 12.55 AM. but then your friend you know for ages, would be like ''what time is it'' and will expect you to tell them immadiately...i mean, isn't it ironic that the people that you're the closest with get the worst of you?

the fact that you are friends doesn't mean they will do everything for you and deserve to be treated like garbage. sometimes it is fun. sometimes we are mean to each other and don't mean it seriously. but being too lazy to put effort in asking politely is not something we should do, is it.

  • use 'please' and 'thank you' when asking for something
  • treat friends like they'd be priceless (they often are)
  • when you want something, ask the way to make people lend it to you
  • try to make their days better, more than worse
  • don't take things for granted
okay, these are my lil' tips that i hope you find reletable and helpful. the point of this post is to make you treat people around you the way you'd want to be treated. hope you find this senseful and true.

your truly,

19 January 2016


so the grades were closing last week and i just didn't squeeze the blogging time into my weekly scheadule and im sorry (as every week) but once im over it and free let's share my thoughts with you once again.

so. there is a thing people spend a lot of time worrying about. and it is their weight. and i am one of the people as well because my weight couldn't always be considered as ideal. so i've been thinking.

    isn't it ironic that one half of the world is dying of hunger, and the another one of obesity?

i mean honestly. let's face it. we eat a lot. more than we need. just because we love food and it is internet famous to love wifi and food. right? don't you meet posts about eating and doing nothing? i do, a lot. seems like eating, doing nothing ands staying online all day and night makes you cooler than being a professional sporter...let's see:

see??? these are some of the popular images on weheartit.com

but what i was thinking about was how did people live and eat earlier, long ago when there was no internet or cell phones and they were working on their fields, owning farmhouses and stuff. they must have been eating only vegetables and having meat on sunday, as a special ocassion. and...um.. i guess we should do this too. i don't mean start having pigs and cows at home but just you know, eliminate the amount of food we daily intake. 

the meat doesn't make us feel better. our bodies have to digest it and it only makes it more tired. also, we eat an incredible amount of sugar. we sugar tea or coffee for breakfest, eat sweet pastries, buy snacks and just consume a lot of sweet stuff in general. that kind of sugar is completely useless for our bodies and doesn't nourish us at all, just saying.

what is my own experience with this? well, i haven't eaten any sugary or junk food since december 25 and i just feel really proud of myself. unfortunately i am the yes-please-anything-sweet kind of person andso it gets very hard sometimes. anyway this week, me and my mother decided to stop eating meat, because the amount of meat we eat is burdening our metabolism and we all want our metabolism to work nice and quick, right? so from now on i don't eat any sugary and meat. and it is great. try it too.
because all the food is literally killing us and i don't want to die...at this point of my life. 

if you've experienced something like that or your taking parts in similar challenges, please contact me! i'd love to hear from you!


(((a huge thanks to those who send me pictures of their memory jars they made after watching my video! i was so honoured! i'd show you the pictures but my phone was stolen today. see you next week!)))

9 January 2016


this article is something i've never done before and it is a diy you can do at home. so as probably any girl in the world i love diy, and i spend most od my free doing it. one of the things i made recetly is a 2016 memory jar which is for collecting your memories and keeping them safe inside, untll you forget them and it's time to recall them again. try to write there when things (whether they're positive or negative) happen to you and describe how you feel. because it feels amazing to read something you wrote a year ago and see how much have you changed. hope this little video will make you make your own jar because they are super easy to make and look just lovely. i don't want any of you to miss the awesome experience it can be to read your old thoughts. go and make your own jar after watching this video:

6 January 2016


just a quick blogpost to tell you some hot news.
i realized how much do i really love blogging.
and how it is what makes me happy most of the time.
and so from now on.
i'm posting regurarly every friday!
have fun reading,

4 January 2016


you, yes you,

don't you love photos? don't you love that your favorite moments are captured on pictures so you can look at them whenever you want and recall the memories? isn't it awesome?

nope. it is not.