9 January 2016


this article is something i've never done before and it is a diy you can do at home. so as probably any girl in the world i love diy, and i spend most od my free doing it. one of the things i made recetly is a 2016 memory jar which is for collecting your memories and keeping them safe inside, untll you forget them and it's time to recall them again. try to write there when things (whether they're positive or negative) happen to you and describe how you feel. because it feels amazing to read something you wrote a year ago and see how much have you changed. hope this little video will make you make your own jar because they are super easy to make and look just lovely. i don't want any of you to miss the awesome experience it can be to read your old thoughts. go and make your own jar after watching this video:

(((before you play it, i want you to know that it is my first video i've ever posted here and that i know it has many imperfections, anyway, please watch it and comment what you think!)))

((special thanks to my beautiful friend elejn who had come up with this idea!!!))