4 January 2016


you, yes you,

don't you love photos? don't you love that your favorite moments are captured on pictures so you can look at them whenever you want and recall the memories? isn't it awesome?

nope. it is not.
well. at some point it sure is. but don't you ever think that photos lost their value? i mean there are just so many photos. we take pictures of literally everything today. and pictures really are cool. but(t) enough is enough, isn't it?

how precious must have photos been when there weren't smartphones and digital cameras? you had to really properly consider if the shot is gonna be worth it. anyways this is not exactly what i mean to say by writing this blogpost.

i was with my sister somewhere, the other day, and there was a really beautiful sunshine. it was like purple-pink-orange all mixed together and it just made the sky look breath-takingly gorgeous. (((i really enjoy skies, you can see it on my instagram feed))) it was like that feeling when you are not expecting anything and suddenly something completely awesome happens (((like when you open the fridge thinking there'll be nothing and you find there like a birthday cake or something)))
... anyway about the sunshine
without even enjoying looking at it we put out our phones and snaped a picture of it.

but... don't some things lose the value when we capture them? the moment is so unique, in fact, every moment is. don't you ruin it by duplicating it? i think you do.

some days we don't even enjoy the moments, because we know that we can see them whenver we want again, in our photo libraries, just with the help of few touches.

so from now on, let's just really live the moments that make our lives so wonderful and let them make us happy. in the end, don't we deserve such a thing?

(((special thanks to the people who took their time and wrote me emails, telling me about their experiences (reacting to my previous blogpost 'how i ended up being someone else') you two (you know who i'm talking about) really made my day, thank you so much once again))).

yours truly,