11 February 2016


i used to think it matters. i thought that the fancier clothes you wear and the prettier you will be the more people will want to talk to you and be friends with you and stuff.
absolutely not true.

i've been getting to know some new people recetly and...oh my gosh. we went on school ski trip to the mountains and i was usually just wearing an oversized hoodie with no makeup. you know i just got comfy and didn't give a shit about how i look and this is pretty unique. it doesn't often happen  to me. i mean when i look bad or i feel like i do, it brings my self-confience down and i don't even feel like talking to people and bothering them with my ugliness. but this changed my point of view and surprised me widely. people didn't even seem to notice how bad do i look and i made new friends and had tons of fun. yes. wearing no make up and a gray, knees-long levi's hoodie.

there are people in your life that are pretty and seem cool so you just wish you could be a little bit  like them. i guess we all do it sometimes, we see somebody attractive and we think of them as they'd be something more, like they had something we don't. the truth is they don't.

i don't know about you but i don't see the beauty in clothes, or face. (i'm not saying i've never fallen in love with a hot stranger i saw on subway or something) but i like more the beauty i see in eyes than the clothes people wear or the style the put so much effort in. it is not in the colour or the shape, size or whatever your eyes have. the beauty is in the spark that the eyes produce when a person is happy and open-hearted. the little spark that you see when they get an idea or the one appears when you compliment them.

(what even is this article, can i even write anymore?) 

long story short, if you ever feel really ugly don't let it bring your confidence down. because people won't stick to you if you're a stupid ass beauty queen. they will stay around if you'll be you and give them yourself instead of showing them the clothes you wear or the face you have. that's my experience. if you have any. please share. 

just before  you close this tab and start doing something else (other than reading this) go to the mirror and look at yourself. look deep in your eyes. not so deep. but look into them and see.

see the spark? (if you don't get closer and look once again) do you see it now?

and now?

i bet you do.

yours one and only,