24 May 2016


there's this thing people are dealing with daily. especially, when summer's around the corner - us. our weight, appereance, bodies and generally - ourselves being (as we think) imperfect.

and there are two ways to cope with it:
1) start working out intensively - compensate the rest of the year when you were sitting it out and hope for the best while finishing the bar of chocolate you got because you just couldn't resist.

2) just don't give a shit.

i chose the second one, this time. i've been battling with my weight since forever and i never really got what i wanted. and so i learned. i mean, you will never, ever be happy with what you have until you learn to love it, to love it with all of your heart. (im not saying you all should stay fat or skinny or whatever you don't want to be - just that you should treat your body the best and give it what it deserves).

so here are some imperfections i have:
- my feet are too tiny comparing them to the rest of my body
- my ankles do not taper like i wish they would
- my thights are too fat
- my belly is not flat and too squishy
- my chest is too flat at the other side
- my head too round
- and my skin too oily
- my nose is too wide and my eyes are boringly brown
- my hair grease often and never have the perfect shape
- and there is so much more

but what do i love about these? literally everything. every single detail of my body is adorable.

because it is mine. 

it is hard, though. you think you've learned it already but then, when it's time to wear a bikini, or to undress at the doctor's you get uneasy. but look. your body is the only thing that is truly yours. you'll never own anything like it, and when you don't love and appreciate it, what is it yours for? you should never be ashamed of it - just treat it the best way possible. hm?

so, however big your thights are; or however oily is your skin; how small are your eyes or how full lips you don't have or fucking whatever - forget it. or...you know what? don't forget about it - but look at it and think: ''who else has such a thing? 
- no body

literally no one at the planet earth has the same body as you. you are unique. your hair's unique, your pores are unique, your missing nail at the little toe - whatever you are unhappy with - is only yours and will never be anyone else's.
i honestly love my face - it is so round like a magic predicting ball, or like a little egg that a hen layed. and i even love my ankles, they're so wide you can could copy your whole notebook on them and use them as a cheat sheet. and my hair, my nose - everything.

embrace what you have and learn to work with it. 
you only have one body after all.


plus: there's this poem i've been reading throughout the past 2 years now and i think it is awesome and inspiring. check it out.


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