14 May 2016


there is probably nothing more lame than being totally broke in this world where everybody else is suddenly so rich and can afford anything they want - except, maybe, for working at mcdonald's.

okay, yes. this is the first time i've ever said it this publicly. it kind of feels as a coming out plus it's the most ridiculous feeling making me laugh and cry at my life at the same moment. but the truth has been spoken - i really did work in mcdonald's and since this is a space for sharing my emotions & opinions with you, imma tell you all about it. it was actually a kind of experiment and something i wanted to try for a long time; everybody's been saying it's the worst thing, so i thought i might give it a try. i felt so embarassed didn't tell anybody except for my closest friends which also caused my heart beat picking up anytime i saw somebody i know walk in the 'restaurant.' this is the first part of the story. i'll see how you like it and eventually post some more about it. enjoy,

so it was that one night when i found myself sad and frustrated in the centre of prague. don't get me wrong, i love prague but i like to travel as well. travelling is something i cannot live without and since my parents don't want to pay for my travels anymore (which i get because they'd never see me again and they'd end up as broke as i was at the moment) i realized there has to be a way to make money myself, have school and travel, at the same time. so, at this moment of desperation, frustration and brokeness i searched for the job offers. since the first moment, when the mcdo guy invited me for an interview without asking for my cv or anything, i knew this is gonna be a dead end.


i made it in and a few weeks later, i was sitting on a bench, in a crew dressroom in the 'restaurant' basement with some other people dressed in mcdonald's uniforms, smelling like old fries and sweet-chilli sauce, waiting for my shift to start. the first one went fine, although i was anxious of all the new people, environments and the stress of working in the kitchen. things were fast. and if you weren't , you got yelled at. which sucked. plus: i learned that not even the time in physics lesson goes as slow as during your eight hours long shift. yes. eight hours long shift.


the next shifts went fine, people were even trying to be friendly ( if i leave out the times the older, more experinced employees would ignore me )  but even that was completely okay, until one day when they told me to go to the lobby. i thought it is a misunderstanding, that they made a typo in the scheadule and accidentaly wrote 'lobby' instead of 'kitchen' (very likely) but it was real. they looked at me with that why-are-you-so-startled-you-lil-piece-of-ass and sent me to the lobby. it was the actual hell. there were people, everywhere. and the probability of somebody i know coming and seeing me cleaning the toilets, or wiping tables increased. what i noticed, though, was that people don't look at you very much when you're in the uniform. they don't look you in the eyes and basically ignore you... if they don't know you. the mcdonald's i was working at was right in the city centre so my classmates, friends, family or anybody could have come any time. and they did, usually when i cleaning mess or slipping on spilled drinks.

if you liked this article, and wanted to know some more of my dreamy career that would have awaited me if i didn't quit, please share this post, write a comment, dm me, anything you want. but don't be passive standing back and just reading, i need your feedback to motivate me.


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