5 June 2016


school. yeah, school si hard.
but it oughn't to be something to stress yourself out of completely and put yourself in danger because of, which is basically what happened to me few days ago, when i ended up in a hospital, let me tell you about it.

it was wednesday, there was a history test i was taking, a certificate ceremony i was taking a part of, i was moving from my mom's to my dad's, also going swimming that day, there was a keynote i wasn't very ready for, the next day, huge math exam and much more. that wouldn't be the problem, though. i am fine with getting ready for things. but that day i was going to a blood sampling. and the thing is...that i've never had my blood drawn before (well, probs when i was a baby but i don't remember that). 

i was getting ready in the morning, slept nice 5 and a half hour, took a shower, put some make up on, packed all my stuff i had to carry with me for the rest of the day in super heavy bags, and made my way to the doctor's. 

my heart rate was picking up as i was taking my serial number to go inside the surgery room, hands shaking. i put my heavy bags on the floor, and the nurse took me to the seat, strangulated my arm and drew my blood into two little phials. i was done and breathing heavily (which i was not recommended) i thanked the doctor and she sent me to the waiting room to remain there for a few minutes pressing the used spot on my arm. 

okay, me and my bags, we moved into the waiting room. i sat on a bench and suddenly, i saw the room sparkling, then i realized that it is probably not sparkling and that it was me about to black out. i didn't even notice but my head was full-speed spinning and i was sick as hell at the moment. 

i knocked at the nurse, asking for a helping hand. she (a little offended im disturbing her wednesday morning) sat me on the same seat she drew my blood at and gave me a cup of water. the 5 minutes after were the worst in my life. i've never felt such intense pain, like ever. writhing in cramps and throwing up on a hospital seat doesn't seem very much like me, yet there i was almost crying of pain and half-amused of how ridicolous and unexpected it all was. 

the certificate ceremony was at 9.30 and i had to make it on time. but when the nurse called the ambulance and they took me into the car i knew it is probably not happening today. an hour later i was lying undressed in an emergency room with two doctors looking at me. i told them all about what happened and a few examinations later they told me what's wrong...and guess what?

i was healthy as a horse and only went through all of this becaue of the stress. do not stress yourself too much. if you have a lot of things to put up with in a short period of time try to plan them more racionally - cancel where you don't have to necessarily be and just take some time to relax too, care for yourself a bit. don't end up like me.

P.S. im all good now, just with a bruise on my veins because i wasn't pressing the spot right after the drew my blood in the waiting room.

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