1 July 2016


do you ever meet somebody on the streets and think like: ''that's such a coincidence!''
- here comes my theory; it is not a coincidence.

it is literally meant to be. just as all the other things that happen to you unepectedly. if you drop your phone in a toilet it might be a sign to stop risking so much and or to start something new. if you meet somebody you haven't seen in a long time on the street think of what he'd said to you because it might be something important for your life and could change loads.

well, the thing alone won't probably change anything. you dropping your phone could also be caused by the gravitation and because your fingers just sometimes get clumsy BUT if you think about it in this way: the little things we sometimes seem to let go or just not notice could lead to bigger changes that are maybe exactly the thing our lives had been waiting for.
coincidences just don't exist.

think about it.


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