23 January 2016


so hello!
my life's not as busy as i was last week so i am publishing this article on time (i will post every weekend) from now on. so recetly i've been thinking. (wow, seems like i think a lot bcs all my blogposts start like this, anyway) people. people are awesome. they are all nice and polite but sometimes, they only are so until you become friends with them. this is not.. well. let's try to explain it clearlier now. sorry my explanation skills suck.

if a person you've only see once and don't know very well wants to ask you the time, he will probably say ''y/n, do you know what time is it?'' and maybe he'll even add a polite smile or something som you check your phone and tell him it's 12.55 AM. but then your friend you know for ages, would be like ''what time is it'' and will expect you to tell them immadiately...i mean, isn't it ironic that the people that you're the closest with get the worst of you?

the fact that you are friends doesn't mean they will do everything for you and deserve to be treated like garbage. sometimes it is fun. sometimes we are mean to each other and don't mean it seriously. but being too lazy to put effort in asking politely is not something we should do, is it.

  • use 'please' and 'thank you' when asking for something
  • treat friends like they'd be priceless (they often are)
  • when you want something, ask the way to make people lend it to you
  • try to make their days better, more than worse
  • don't take things for granted
okay, these are my lil' tips that i hope you find reletable and helpful. the point of this post is to make you treat people around you the way you'd want to be treated. hope you find this senseful and true.

your truly,

19 January 2016


so the grades were closing last week and i just didn't squeeze the blogging time into my weekly scheadule and im sorry (as every week) but once im over it and free let's share my thoughts with you once again.

so. there is a thing people spend a lot of time worrying about. and it is their weight. and i am one of the people as well because my weight couldn't always be considered as ideal. so i've been thinking.

    isn't it ironic that one half of the world is dying of hunger, and the another one of obesity?

i mean honestly. let's face it. we eat a lot. more than we need. just because we love food and it is internet famous to love wifi and food. right? don't you meet posts about eating and doing nothing? i do, a lot. seems like eating, doing nothing ands staying online all day and night makes you cooler than being a professional sporter...let's see:

see??? these are some of the popular images on weheartit.com

but what i was thinking about was how did people live and eat earlier, long ago when there was no internet or cell phones and they were working on their fields, owning farmhouses and stuff. they must have been eating only vegetables and having meat on sunday, as a special ocassion. and...um.. i guess we should do this too. i don't mean start having pigs and cows at home but just you know, eliminate the amount of food we daily intake. 

the meat doesn't make us feel better. our bodies have to digest it and it only makes it more tired. also, we eat an incredible amount of sugar. we sugar tea or coffee for breakfest, eat sweet pastries, buy snacks and just consume a lot of sweet stuff in general. that kind of sugar is completely useless for our bodies and doesn't nourish us at all, just saying.

what is my own experience with this? well, i haven't eaten any sugary or junk food since december 25 and i just feel really proud of myself. unfortunately i am the yes-please-anything-sweet kind of person andso it gets very hard sometimes. anyway this week, me and my mother decided to stop eating meat, because the amount of meat we eat is burdening our metabolism and we all want our metabolism to work nice and quick, right? so from now on i don't eat any sugary and meat. and it is great. try it too.
because all the food is literally killing us and i don't want to die...at this point of my life. 

if you've experienced something like that or your taking parts in similar challenges, please contact me! i'd love to hear from you!


(((a huge thanks to those who send me pictures of their memory jars they made after watching my video! i was so honoured! i'd show you the pictures but my phone was stolen today. see you next week!)))

9 January 2016


this article is something i've never done before and it is a diy you can do at home. so as probably any girl in the world i love diy, and i spend most od my free doing it. one of the things i made recetly is a 2016 memory jar which is for collecting your memories and keeping them safe inside, untll you forget them and it's time to recall them again. try to write there when things (whether they're positive or negative) happen to you and describe how you feel. because it feels amazing to read something you wrote a year ago and see how much have you changed. hope this little video will make you make your own jar because they are super easy to make and look just lovely. i don't want any of you to miss the awesome experience it can be to read your old thoughts. go and make your own jar after watching this video:

6 January 2016


just a quick blogpost to tell you some hot news.
i realized how much do i really love blogging.
and how it is what makes me happy most of the time.
and so from now on.
i'm posting regurarly every friday!
have fun reading,

4 January 2016


you, yes you,

don't you love photos? don't you love that your favorite moments are captured on pictures so you can look at them whenever you want and recall the memories? isn't it awesome?

nope. it is not.