21 April 2016


this is what are you doing right now. reading these lines and spending time on the internet. maybe it is on your daily basis or maybe it is once in a while, i don't care.
the thing is that this is now, and you're reading my blogpost.

we're all waiting for something to come and happen. come on, this is not the real thing yet, is it? we have so much awaiting us and this is just the prelude. once it comes the life will finally be worth it.  school will be out, we'll be free, we just need to get over this, we'll be living it up, making unforgettable memories, meeting the right people. we'll be happy every day and you know, the sky will be blue, sun shining, friends happy.

no. this is just so fucking untrue.

look. we were given this thing. this thing people are fighting for daily, some are starving, some are daying of obesity, some are having depressions and even taking the gift away themselves.
the precious gift of life? come on. is this how you want it to be?

if you're waiting for a miracleous (pretty sure i spelled it wrong) if your waiting for a miraclous moment to come and make things better, your wasting your time. nothing like that is gonna come. you alone, have the one and only power to change your life and make it worth it. it is not that hard. don't complicate stuff. find something lovable in every day and just go live it.

no matter if you're on the beggining or at the end of your journey. go for it. go for stuff, if this is not the time to live, when is it gonna be? you'll get a job as soon as you finish school and you'll be probably even busier than you are now. what are you waiting for? santa claus to bring you a happy life? hell no. it is not happening! it is this simple: wanna talk to somebody? go talk to them. ask them what time it is, no matter how obvious it sounds. fuck what they think. go for it. experiment. talk to people, steal things, do a bit of what's illegal, whatever you want.
ask random people what do they think about shovels, dance naked, wear skirts, i don't care.

but if you want to do something right now, do it. do it until you are no longer able to.
this is your life. fucking live it.

and don't ever let anybody tell you what your life should look like, you are the one to design it.
the time is now.