12 March 2016


so there's a thing about me you maybe haven't known.
 - i don't have dreams

not those dreams you have about your life in future such as your dream job, house, partner and shit.
i'd even say i have too many of those.
but i don't have the dreams that come at night - i don't remember them.

i had to deal with it. i couldn't remember my dreams, and i didn't do anything about it. i just didn't have them... but once there was one of my classmates i've recetly made friends with (if you're reading this; hello) coming up to me and saying he tried lucid dreaming. ok, cool. i don't even have normal dreams are you gonna tell me about other exciting stuff i'm missing out? what even are lucid dreams? he explained it to me and it totally fascinated me. i went home that day and spent the whole afternoon researching it and watching tutorials.

for those who have no idea, this is what lucid dreaming is, in a nutshell:
lucid dreaming is dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming. your body's asleep but your brain's awake. you like wake up into a dream and have control over it so you can dream of anything and eveyrything your little heart desires. it feels so real it can get pretty risky. lucid-dreaming people often don't want to wake up anymore, they just want to sleep forever because their dreams are so much better than the reality.
so basically. when i was told this. i wanted it. but there's a problem. you cannot lucid dream when you don't even dream normally. if you have a similar problem, there is an easy hack i found out is working for me. when you're about to go to sleep, tell yourself you'll have a dream tonight. you will have a dream and you will remember it in the morning. yeah, just say it to yourself and believe me or not, your brain will do what you told it. the first time i tried this, i had two dreams. they weren't lucid but they were dreams. real dreams. it felt like christmas morning to me. 

so if you don't have dreams, don't give up on it. when you go to sleep, hack your brain and when you wake up in the morning only think about the dream you had. even if there's nothing's coming to your mind, don't give up and think of nothing but the dream. it will come to you and as soon as it does write it down with as many details as you can remember. i'd never say this is gonna work for me, but it does. since then, i tell my brain to have a dream almost every night and when i have it and write it down. my ability of remembering dreams gets better by doing this. i wasn't lucky enough to try lucid dreaming yet but as soon as i try, i'll tell you every single detail about it.

stay tuned,

this is an edit of me lucid dreaming if you were wondering what it is.