7 June 2015


WHOA! guess who's back. haha me. who else. lol. i'm so funny. ugh. okay. today's blogpost is about street dance. more like it's supposed to be about it it's just me who's not that good at writing articles so i get to it by a complicated way. umm. aha.

there we go. i dance street dance which for loads of you probably represents a group of people going to a dancehall to learn some stupid choreographies that don't even look good. well, in some senses it can be this. but not always. i dance for like...2 years and through the years i have changed my opinion about street dance like million times. sometimes i just want to quit and never come back to the studio but more often there are times i'm coming home, my legs dying almost not able to walk, and i just can't stop thinking about how awesome the training or the performance was.

okay, today's one of those days. i just came back from the performance we had and i can't stop smiling, honestly, i'm all stinky sitting at the computer (i can smell my feet that are on the ground btw) and i'm thinking. it's just like all the energy you give into it comes out in the form of success. that's one of the most wonderful things i have ever experienced. it's just like go, work on something half a year and then go and show all the other people how good you are. this is it. this is how i feel right now.

well, this topic is such a big thing to me i really need to tell you more. don't want to annoy you by long texts, though. this is the first part. i'll tell you more later, like...tomorrow? :)

thanks to all the people who have read this article.
i love you.
seriously, i do.
i give all my love to you right now.
like really i'm loving you, exactly you, reading this.
i'm serious, trust me.