18 August 2016


hello. first of all, sorry. i did not want this to happen and i hope there wont ever be such a huge pause again. but anyway - there's this post i want to share with you because i think music is something we all have inside of ourselves and it can make us say things words are not capable of. 

...so one of the first weeks of summer i went on a camp. it was a tennis camp (to bring you a closer description and explain: i'd played tennis since i was 5 and then gave it up because i was useless but i still go to the camps each year because i just adore their atmosphere). there is this bizzare combination of people of literally all ages with the thing that: it does not matter there. whether your 8 or 19 you can still fit in and have fun. so one of the first days where it is not that relaxed yet, there were people in our room (i don't know how this happens but somehow our room is every year one of the places people hang out at). and out of the blue my sister grabbed a guitar (are there to b's or just one?) ...and started playing. 

at first we had a little trouble figuring out where to sit so everyone can see the lyrics and we argued about which song to play but in a few minutes we've been all singing our lungs out, being incredibly happy. it is funny though how people you'd never imagined singing (since many of them are those sports people who dedicate their whole lives to whatever sport they love (im not one of them in case you'd think so)) actually do sing and have balls to do it even though they think they can't or they really can't.

the breaking point for me was when one of my friends i only get to see on camp looked me in the eyes-in the middle of one song and she kept looking for a while. it kind of felt like those colorful streams of ligh that like connect powers of poeple in cartoons or like the ones in 'my little pony' when they figure out how to bring rainbow back to the ponyville (no? nobody's seen that one?) and connect these light streams coming from each horse's horns and boom! it's done. well, this was basically the same thing, except for the light streams...and ponies...and all. but still it felt alike and it's been so fulfilling at that moment it still makes me excited even after two months. 

the look was fascinating. there were literally so many emotions in it. it was the combination of poeple and the music and the singing that made us both stare and share pure joy that appereaed in our eyes.  it was a completely unique experience and brought the most of us together so there was not that i-haven't-seen-you-for-a-year-but-lets-pretend-it's-still-the-same-and-that-i-have-something-to-talk-about barriere that comes on camps sometimes.

so what is the message?
...sing. go grab a guitar and sing. sing with your friends or family. sing with your pets even though they can't. ha. sing because it's great and it is able to create uniqueness of a moment nothing else can. go sing, just go.


btw this is what i was talking about when mentioning the look in the eyes. this is what it felt like. anybody who'd have comments to what movies i watch please keep them to yourself. i've grown up on this movie. (it's called my little pony:the runaway rainbow in case you were interested)

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