24 October 2015


Hello everybody!
if you haven't read any of my articles or you're not following me on Instagram (@gretavbc) you may have missed the fact that I am currently in CALIFORNIA! we landed few days ago and went to see the golden bridge - I got an idea for a new blogpost (I guess it will be this week)  about photos. also I ate an american hamburger - and I have completely loved it. anyway. i haven't slept in the airplane and the journey was like 10 hours long so i felt very tired & jet lagged in the evening.  it's like that state when you cannot literally do anything else than to fall asleep.
 uhm so yes. we stayed two days in a motel in San Mateo and also visited San Francisco. we travel by a van here which is like super fun you know. we turn the music up very loud and all song and just enjoy the american atmosphere all around us. i'll be posting pictures here and on my Instagram too so of you want to stay tuned - follow my account. @gretavbc